3 Urban Fantasy books that take you behind the veil of the afterlife. Spirit guards, guardians, and ancient souls are trying to save humanity from destroying themselves.  Readers call these books brilliant, unique, and thought provoking. 


People call Karma a, but they couldn’t be more wrong!

As an ancient soul working to enhance human empathy Karma has served for millennia.
When her rash decisions leave her with a bad reputation, the community of ancient souls makes a demand of her. She must return to earth and clean up the mess she made for seventeen-year-old Emma White.

For Karma it’s a rush to be back in a physical body, and life as a junior in high school shouldn’t be a problem for someone who has guided humans for thousands of years. But much has happened since Karma last walked the earth in Ancient Greece. Facing teachers, bullies, parents, and Emma’s crush, Ty, get’s complicated when Karma doesn’t have her usual powers and can’t reveal that she’s a soul of infinite wisdom. And by the way, how does one answer a text message?

Ancient Souls is a breathtaking story that readers call thought provoking and enjoyable. It’s witty, wise, and a fast pace that will make you turn pages all night long. 

Written by Elin Peer and Pearl Beacon, the mother/daughter team behind bestselling series such as Men of the North and Clashing Colors.

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(This series has a low steam level but contains kissing scenes.)

Karma’s Return (Ancient Souls  Book 1) 


How do you hide your powers and pretend to be human when your anger alone makes the windows freeze over?

Thousands of years ago when humans still lived in caves, Gaia took an oath to keep humans connected to nature. At the time it seemed like an easy promise to make but much has changed. Desperate to get humans back on track, Gaia goes down to earth and enrolls at a Scottish boarding school where four old souls have the potential to become historical change-makers.

How will Gaia react when one of them turns out to be a soulmate from a previous life with whom she had unfinished business? Can she steady her heart and keep her focus? If she doesn’t get these for flawed human beings to step up and share their talents, will she run out of what little patience she has left and accidentally unleash another Ice Age?

Gaia’s Oath (Ancient Souls  Book 2) |


Is talent still a gift if it gets you in deep trouble?

Miracle is the closest thing to a love goddess that the world has ever seen. Always indominable and enthusiastic, she has served humanity for thousands of years by spreading hope and kindness in people’s hearts without them knowing she was even there.

Determined to create a massive boost of love in the world, Miracle has decided to live among humans for a while.
After learning about Miracle’s plan to enroll in college, Dion, the ancient soul responsible for death and duality, challenges her to live on earth without her immense powers.
She should have refused, but once again, her talent for having eternal optimism got her in trouble. It’s time for Miracle to prove to the unpredictable and mysterious Dion that a positive mindset is the strongest of all powers in the world.

Miracle’s Talent is the third and final book in the trilogy Ancient Souls, written by the talented mother/daughter team Elin Peer and Pearl Beacon. Fans describe their love stories as brilliant books that make the reader reflect and feel renewed hope in humanity.

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Miracle’s Talent (Ancient Souls Book 3)