In a setting of gorgeous Ireland, these 6 contemporary romance books take on the question of mind control.
They’re suspenseful, fast paced, and full of humor.
As always, they carry Elin’s unique style of writing which readers refer to as “self-help that reads like fiction.”


Rumor has it that Charles, the reserved, mysterious, and unattainable guy I had a major crush on in college, got tangled up with the wrong crowd. Now, I’m flying to Dublin to get him out.

Being the heir to one of the largest business dynasties in the US made Charles a target for the narcissistic and cunning O’Brien, who runs a cult disguised as a mastermind group.

With degrees in both anthropology and psychology, twenty-seven-year-old Liv is convinced that she can resist being sucked into Connor O’Brien’s cult. But it’s been five years since she last saw Charles; will he even remember her and will their mutual chemistry be enough for him to trust her?

Charles and Liv are about to learn just how dangerous it is to go up against a possessive psychopath like Connor O’Brien.

Charlie is the first installment in Elin Peer’s contemporary romance series Cultivated, which offers suspense and drama. Like all her books, this one has a fast pace, lots of great dialogue, and it leaves you wanting more.

Charlie (Cultivated Book 1) | Audio


People think that I’m a nice guy.

They’re wrong!
What they see is the polished, non-threatening, good guy that I want them to see.
It helps distract them from the darkness within me.
No one can know that I have a sick mind like my dad, the infamous monster from the Red Manor Cult.
Except, unlike him, I suppress my urge to dominate, hurt, and control.
Every day, I tell myself that I’m NOT my father; that I’m a better man.
But after Jolene began working for me, my control is slipping.
It feels like there’s a wolf inside me, stirring, growling, and pushing to get to Jolene. The fantasies of the disturbing things the wolf wants to do to her, haunts me.
I can’t allow the wolf to get control over me… or Jolene!

Elin Peer is the author of the popular series, Men of the North, Clashing Colors, and the Slave Series. Her books are fast-paced, thought-provoking, and always offer humor and a solid romance story at the core.

If you like stories with authentic characters that will stay with you for a long time after you’ve finished reading, get this book today!

Atlas (Cultivated Book 2)  | Audio


Damian took a bullet for me when I was seventeen.
He didn’t ask for my heart in return, but it’s been his ever since.
We are as different as night and day. He’s fun-loving and outgoing while I’m skeptical of new people and prefer to avoid social events.

So, why did I agree to be handcuffed to him for a full week in the name of science? It’s not because he dared me to do it, or because I need the money that comes with it. I’m the CFO of Solver Industries, after all.
It’s because I’m turning twenty-nine, and I’m sick and tired of my heart comparing every man to Damian when my brain knows full well that he’s far from perfect.

Will my plan work? an overdose of the large Irishman will kill my crush on him and finally set me free.

If you’ve already read the first two books in the series, Charlie and Atlas, then this is a no brainer.

Lumi (Cultivated Book 3) | Audio


People say that being in love is the best feeling in the world.
What a bloody lie!
I hate that I’m in love with Serena and that she used me to get what she wanted.
What good is it that my heart and body is a twisted mess of longing for her when I’m also furious with her for hurting my sister, River?
I don’t care if Serena is a Hollywood star — no one messes with my family!

Nathan is a man with too many ghosts in his past to stand still and face them. After being unfairly dismissed from the army for anger management issues, he’s traveling the world and setting records in extreme sports.

When a plot to get back at Serena for hurting his sister goes wrong, Nathan is front and center in a media storm that brings up his tragic past once again. This time, there’s no outrunning it. Nathan will need to prove that he’s more than what the media portray him as. But what if the media are also wrong about Serena?

Nathan’s story is the fourth installment in Elin Peer’s romance series, Cultivated. Readers find it impossible to put down and rave about the characters jumping off the page.

To avoid spoilers, this series is best read in order.

Nathan (Cultivated Book 4) | Audio


What if you had millions of fans, and yet all you could think about was how to impress one man?

I’m a beauty and a fashion influencer with millions of fans and admirers. Sadly, my love life is catastrophic because the men I attract are either married, addicts, cheating bastards, or closeted gay guys.

Now, I’ve come to Indonesia, to help my brother who works with orphans. He says I depend too much on material things and that my time here will give me a new perspective on life.

My highlight so far has been meeting Parker, a carefree surfer from Norway who made me laugh more in a day than I did all year back in London. It shouldn’t matter to me that he doesn’t get fashion and isn’t impressed with my celebrity status… so why can’t I seem to let it go?

River is the fifth installment in Elin Peer’s highly rated series, Cultivated. Her books are more than your standard romance story and offer flawed characters that feel so real you can’t stop reading because you just have to know what happens next.

River (Cultivated Book 5)


I’ve lived my life trying to undo the evil my father caused in this world. With every penny I donate, and every orphan I help, I feel lighter, but it never lasts long. Always on the move, I’m restless and feeling more lost than I allow people to see.

That is, until I met Fleur. She is as grounded as Mother Earth and fearless around wild animals, but is she brave enough to take another chance on love? And if so, would she ever fall for someone as flawed and troubled as me?

Maximum is the sixth and final installment in Elin Peer’s contemporary romance series, Cultivated. Readers call this series a must-read because of the depth of the relatable characters.

Maximum (Cultivated Book 6)


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