Clashing Colors

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The Clashing Colors series has readers raving about the unpredictable plots and intriguing stories. With Elin’s unique talent of tackling taboos and sensitive subjects with humor and insight this box-set is guaranteed to keep you highly entertained. Expect five very different stories of what happens when opposites attract.

Clashing Colors – Complete Box Set

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What if you were born into a wealthy family who didn’t know about you?
I’ve seen the mansion my father owns – from the outside.
He lives there with his perfect wife and perfect kids.
I’m his dirty little secret that he’s been hiding from the world.
The quice with his perfect wife and perfect kids.
I’m his dirty little secret that he’s been hiding from the world.
The quickie behind the high school bleachers 22 years agr for an abortion.
She wanted me to be grateful to her, and to forgive her abusive behavior.
I ran as fast as I could when I was fourteen.

Seven years later I’m cynical, skeptical, and on guard.
Then a decorated war hero named Gabriel shows up in my life. Determined to help me. To fix me!
I’ll show him that I’m not one of his soldiers, and that he can’t order me around.
I live by my own rules and trust no one!
At least I haven’t so far.

Black is a brilliant opposites-attract-novel that offers a fresh, new style. You might know Elin Peer from her hit series Men of the North and Cultivated.
Elin offers a unique talent of fearless writing. She takes on taboos and creates imperfect characters that you’ll come to love. If you like humorous, fast-paced stories about quirky, flawed people, and you don’t mind an emotional roller coaster with a few steamy scenes, then this contemporary romance is for you.
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Black (Clashing Colors Book 1) | Audio


Aren’t opposites supposed to attract?

Ever since I fell in love with Jake as a teen, I’ve thought of him and me as opposites that would one day complement each other.
Unfortunately, adulthood has only increased our differences and to Jake, and people around us, we’re more like clashing colors that should avoid mixing.
Jake is a scientist who only believes in things that can be proven with hard data while I’m a psychic medium who works with spirits and tarot cards.
I know he thinks people like me are frauds, but I’ve been given a chance to prove him wrong. The lab where Jake works is dealing with paranormal phenomena and his boss has hired me to investigate it.
If I can produce evidence strong enough for the biggest skeptic to take me seriously, maybe Jake will finally see me as more than his best friend’s younger sister.

Violet is the second book in Elin Peer’s contemporary romance series Clashing Colors. Science and faith face off in this story full of lovable and witty characters, displaying a firework of humor, sizzling romance, and the supernatural.

If you like stories that offer much more than just a romance, and you don’t mind a paranormal twist, then Violet will have you laughing out loud and reflecting on your own spiritual beliefs.

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Violet (Clashing Colors Book 2) | Audio


How it’s possible to be attracted to a man that I can’t stand?

Christian came into my store, The Green Vegan Shop, with a t-shirt saying: I didn’t claw myself to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables?
How dare he? I get that he’s a chef and meat lover, but does he have to flash it in my face every time he shops here?
Honestly, here I am, proving to myself and the world that I have what it takes to run a successful business, based on sustainability and fair trade. I try to be nice to everyone. I’m a vegan after all. We’re nice people… but Christian gets under my skin like a tick. And he brings out the feisty redhead lurking inside me. How can he be the brother of my sweet friend, Violet, when he is easily the most infuriating, selfish, and cruel bastard in the city of Seattle?

Yes, I know that I should just ignore him, but here’s the tricky part; I’m spending good money on a dating agency who’s supposed to find me the right man who matches my criteria for a life partner, and yet, none of the men I meet excite me. It’s not that I’m frigid, it’s just that for some inexplicable reason I’m cursed with a strong physical attraction to the one man who I know is everything I’m NOT looking for.

Green is the third book in Elin Peer’s highly praised Clashing Colors series, where opposites attract and fiery dialogue is masterfully written. If you are into two strong characters butting heads and trying desperately to deny the attraction between them, then the shenanigans Christian and Melody come up with to get back at each other will have you chuckling all night.

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Green (Clashing Colors Book 3) | Audio


Am I the only one who purrs inside when I hear a deep male voice with a sexy Scottish accent?

Logan MacKay is a complicated man, scarred from a plane crash that left him gloomy and withdrawn.
And yet, when we speak on the phone, the confident and flirtatious man he used to be, comes out to play.

Of course, he has no idea that ‘Mary’, the stranger he flirts with on the phone, is me.
To him, I’m Faith. The too happy cheerleader who brings out his anxiety for beautiful women.

It’s not that I want a relationship with him. I just want to help him past his ridiculous belief that all women find him unattractive because of his scars.
Damaged people like Logan, are the whole reason I’m studying to be a psychologist.
With my eternal optimism, I can fix Logan. I know I can.
If only he would stop scowling at me and say yes to my brilliant idea of taking me in as his roommate.
I’m broke and need a place to stay, and he needs help with the house chores. What could possibly go wrong?

Blue is the fourth book in Elin Peer’s Clashing Colors series that has readers raving about the unpredictable plots and intriguing stories.

In this brilliant story, Elin tackles taboos and sensitive subjects with humor and insight. You’ll fall in love with two wounded souls who are both trying to find a way to cope with their past.

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Blue (Clashing Colors Book 4) | Audio


What if you achieved your dream – and it turned out to be a nightmare?

For twenty-six years, I’ve chased money, fame, and beauty.
Being a movie star and dating Nick, one of the hottest pop stars in the world, should have been all I ever wanted. Except, his drugs and jealousy almost cost me my life when he shot me.

Now that Nick is on the run from the police, I promised my twin, Faith, to take a break and spend two weeks in the forest with Onava, a famous Native American healer. It was supposed to be a pleasant and relaxing detox from my crazy world of fans, social media, and paparazzi.

But my peace was over the minute Onava got called away, and her grandson Adam moved into the small cabin instead.
Adam might be a medicine man and healer like Onava, but he’s rude and shows no sympathy for my situation. What’s worse is his ridiculous idea that I’m in this mess because I don’t know how to set personal boundaries. I guess I’ll just have to spend the remaining time practicing on Adam, which shouldn’t be too hard as he gets on my nerves.

Yellow, is the fifth and last book in Elin Peer’s contemporary romance series, Clashing Colors. Like all her books, it’s fast-paced and offers both humor, wisdom, and heart. Fall in love with two flawed characters who are complete opposites and not the least bit attracted to each other, or so they say…

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Yellow (Clashing Colors Book 5) | Audio

This book is intended for mature readers only, as it contains a few graphic scenes and some inappropriate language.