The Slaves Series

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5 intense “enemy to lovers” books portraying strong women who won’t be defined as victims.
Expect some dark scenes and steamy sex.

The Slave Series – Box set #1-5


If you like raw emotion, fast-paced stories, and characters that are imperfect and real, then you are going to love this contemporary romantic drama.

Aya Johansen is a young nurse working with refugees in a war zone, when she’s captured by fanatical religious warriors. She’s determined to break free, even if it means compromising her own values and starting a relationship with one of her kidnappers.

Kato wants to do the right thing, but helping Aya could cost him his life – and he’s smart enough to know that if she ever escapes he’ll never see her again. That alone makes it impossible to let her go.

Will Aya be able to convince him to free her before she’s branded and sold as a slave? And if she achieves the impossible, can she ever live a normal life again and forget about Kato?

The Accidental Slave is a stand-alone novel and the first book in Elin Peer’s Slave series. Readers say it’s impossible to put down and call it: “Gripping, dark, funny, sad, exciting, and sexy all rolled into one.”

The Accidental Slave (Aya’s story) (The Slave Series Book 1)


Damian took a bullet for me when I was seventeen.
He didn’t ask for my heart in return, but it’s been his ever since.
We are as different as night and day. He’s fun-loving and outgoing while I’m skeptical of new people and prefer to avoid social events.

So, why did I agree to be handcuffed to him for a full week in the name of science? It’s not because he dared me to do it, or because I need the money that comes with it. I’m the CFO of Solver Industries, after all.
It’s because I’m turning twenty-nine, and I’m sick and tired of my heart comparing every man to Damian when my brain knows full well that he’s far from perfect.

Will my plan work? an overdose of the large Irishman will kill my crush on him and finally set me free.

If you’ve already read the first two books in the series, Charlie and Atlas, then this is a no brainer.

The Healing Slave (Sybina’s story) (The Slave Series Book 2)


What if you accidently slept with the person you detest the most?

Sofia, a tornado of a woman, embraces her new life in London by living out a Saturday night of uninhibited (and partly embarrassing) sexual fantasies with a really hot stranger. She has no experience with one-night stands but figures she’s playing it safe by insisting on no personal information.

Oliver Austin is used to women falling for his good looks, charm, and success. What’s new is Sofia’s refusing to know anything about him or to ever see him again – especially after he delivers an Olympic performance in sexual gratification. Come Monday morning, Sofia is shocked when she realizes that her new VIP client is not only her weekend hottie, but also the a-hole who hurt her best friend in the past. Can Sofia, who is known to be without a filter, stay professional and be polite around the man who makes her blood boil in more ways than one?

Never a Slave is the third stand-alone novel in Elin Peer’s Slave series. Like the other books in the highly praised series, it offers complex characters, sharp dialogue, sexual tension, and surprising plot twists that will have you reading into the wee hours.

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Never A Slave (Sofia’s story) (The Slave Series Book 3)


Can you be too broken for love?

Uma was born a slave and grew up in a war zone. With a good head on her shoulders and a feisty personality, she has fought off grown men more than once. Brutality, violence, and dirty tricks are her world. But when Uma is rescued from slavery a new world opens up to her, challenging her to reconsider the simplistic worldview her loving mother and the other female slaves have drilled into her brain: All men are swine!

Aidan sees Uma as a spoiled brat with an attitude problem. Still, she’s new in London and he feels obligated to step up and “babysit” her until she finds her own friends. Problem is, she’s the most difficult girl he has ever met. And with her constant need to provoke and challenge him she’s quickly driving him insane.

Will Aidan give up on Uma and prove her right, or will he be the one guy that makes her take a chance on love?

The Feisty Slave is the fourth book in Elin Peer’s Slave series. Readers call it “a must-read that will have you on needles, crying, laughing, and cheering for Uma.”

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The Feisty Slave (Uma’s Story) (The Slave Series Book 4)


King Kopilus never apologized in his life! Will a small American female force him to break tradition and say the dreaded words?

Award-winning architect Jenna Davis is not happy when she’s asked to take on a last-minute job and move to Spirima to help rebuild the country after a five-year-long civil war.
One would have thought the King of Spirima would be happy to receive a billion-dollar aid package, but when the USA sends a woman to run the show, a major culture clash is inevitable as the King point-blank refuses to work with Jenna because of her gender.

King Kopilus thinks his teenage fantasy has come true and that the pretty blonde has been sent to pleasure him. He has a rude awakening when she calls him a barbaric baboon and rejects his generous offer to take her to bed. For that offense alone, he’s determined to give the intolerable woman plenty of time to regret her insult in her small prison cell.
Will a threat from the USA force King Kopilus to allow Jenna to be the first woman to do a man’s job in Spirima? And how will he handle the demand for him to give Jenna a personal apology?

King of Slaves is the last installment in the amazing Slave series and quite frankly, Elin Peer has done it again – she gives you fiery arguments, an alpha male versus a strong modern woman, and lots of unexpected plot twists that will have you hooked from beginning to end.

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 This book is intended for mature readers only as it contains graphic language and sexual scenes of a violent nature. All characters are fictional and any likeness to a living person or organization is coincidental.