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How would you describe yourself?

As a curious taboo breaker.
It’s not that I intentionally want to offend anyone, but I tend to questions all rules and cultural norms. It’s just how my brain works.
I typically ask the questions that no one else dares to ask and most often I get very honest answers. Everyone has a gift and I would say mine is to listen without judgement.

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?

When I first started writing, I was surprised how similar the experience of reading and that of writing a good book feel like. The key is that you forget the time and become completely invested in the story.
I have days when I can hardly wait for my family to leave the house for school and work – not because I don’t love them, but simply because I want to turn on my laptop and discover what happens in the story. And yes, it’s true… I don’t know the ending either.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

I’m a social person, and when I’m not writing (in which case I prefer to be alone), I love to be around interesting and warm people. Small talk isn’t my thing, but when people are honest and brave enough to talk about stuff that matters, then I’m an eager audience and known to ask a lot of questions.
I also like skiing, hiking, traveling, and kissing my kids and partner.

What inspires you?

People, news, movies, anything really.
I’m a certified coach and my years of working with people’s darkest thoughts and deepest wishes has giving me tremendous insight into human behavior that I apply in my books.

What’s the story behind the Slave series?

The story started brewing in my mind around October 2014 when I read an article about slavery. At first I was left with a deep indignation that grew into a curiosity about why people would treat others that way. I started asking questions and doing research and I was struck by how slavery has always been part of human history in one form or the other – and sadly still is today.
I hope my readers are smart enough to know that I was never trying to romanticize slavery in any way!
I merely wondered how you would survive being a slave but especially how you would recover from the trauma and in what way it would impact your life even after regaining your freedom.

What’s the story behind the Clashing Colors series?

Basically, I write stories that I want to read myself. I pitched a vegan against a chef who owns steak houses, a scientist against a psychic medium who sees dead people, and a rich but shallow Hollywood star against a poor but spiritual medicine man and so on. These five books illustrates in an entertaining way what it looks like to find tolerance, acceptance, and personal growth.

What’s the story behind the Men of the North series?

It’s really a thought experiment taking a look at what the world would look if there was no balance.
Right now there’s so much division between people in the real world and in Men of the North we get to see why we need each other. I love that there’s no wrong or right, just different ways of living. Each reader will have to decide for themselves what side they would rather be on. Men of the North is about respecting those who are different from us, and finding common ground even when you disagree. In these books the Motlanders and Northlanders disagree on most things and yet they find a way to work together, to love each other, and to have fun together. We can too!

What is the scariest part about writing?

The reviews!
Some will love your work and some will hate it. It’s just that simple.
Personally, I wish I could hug every reader that leaves a positive review. It’s the closest thing to tipping an author for a great job.

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