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One prequel and 15 romantic sci-fi stories that take place 400 years in the future where women rule the world. These stories are unlike anything you have ever read and have made several bestselling lists on Amazon.
It’s a tug of war between the crude alpha men on one side of the border and the altruistic women on the other side. Can they find a way to integrate?



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The Clashing Colors is a series of five books. This series has readers raving about the unpredictable plots and intriguing stories. With Elin’s unique talent of tackling taboos and sensitive subjects with humor and insight this series is guaranteed to keep you highly entertained. Expect five very different stories of what happens when opposites attract.


In a setting of gorgeous Ireland, these 6 contemporary romance books take on the question of mind control.
They’re suspenseful, fast paced, and full of humor.
As always, they carry Elin’s unique style of writing which readers refer to as “self-help that reads like fiction.”


A series of three urban fantasy books that take you behind the veil of the afterlife. Spirit guards, guardians, and ancient souls are trying to save humanity from destroying themselves.  Readers call these books brilliant, unique, and thought provoking.